Monday, April 4, 2011

Look back and smile

I got into the bus and was pleased to get the window seat in the early morning rush. The cool breeze made me feel better as the bus started moving. The to do list in my mind kept growing and I wished it was weekend soon. I will just listen to music, stretch my legs and relax this weekend, I thought. The very thought of it brought a smiling curve on my face. Three more days to go, I sniffed.

“It is too much. I cannot read anymore” a sweet young kid of around 9 years old was telling this to his friend beside him. The two kids had their Social Studies text book in their hand and as I sunk into my seat, they were busy reading their books. It was exam hours for primary school students and it was obvious these young soldiers were preparing for the battle.

“If I read more, I will surely get confused. I will close my book now” the boy repeated, but was unwilling to close it unless the other boy showed a positive vibe on closing the text books. The other stout little kid with big glasses reluctantly agreed with the first boy and closed the book. Both the boys put the books in their back bag. “I am so eager to complete this last paper. It is been more than a month now not playing cricket” the first boy glittered.

“Yes macha! Once this is done, we can play cricket throughout our vacation. Let us talk to Mohan, Sreeni, Teja and Deepak. We can form a team.”

“Bindu and Ashok will also surely join.”

“But Bindu will be going out with his parents. They are planning to go to Mangalore this time”

“What is the big deal? I am also going to my Granny’s place during the vacation”

“What?”, the stout boy was sad. “Are you also going to your granny’s place? You won’t play cricket is it?

“No you dumbo. I will go to my Granny’s place only for a week. She stays in Mysore. I told my father also. I won’t be staying there more than a week”

“Good. Thank God. We will meet tomorrow and decide the teams”

“Why wait till tomorrow? We can meet today evening soon after the exam. What say?”

“No Dear. That lady won’t leave us after the exam”

“Lady? Who?”

“Arey.. Radhika madam. She will start planning for vacational activities, home work and so on”

“Uff..Yeahh.. I hate it macha”


There was silence for a while. Then the first boy started it again.

“She was the supervisor for science paper. She was very strict. But luckily the paper was easy. I am pretty sure I will score out of out in that paper.”

“Is it? My paper was not so good. What was the answer to the third question on simple pendulum?

“Forget it. If I start talking about that paper, I will forget Social Studies”. It was very evident that the first boy was bluffing. He continued “I wish today it is Rakhi madam”

“Why? She allows you to copy?”

“He!! he!! She dozes off in the class room and is least bothered about what we do during the exam. It is very easy to copy in her presence”

“I think will be Shekar Sir for us today”

“He is also good. If you are caught copying just accept it when he asks you. He will not punish you if you tell the truth. If you do not accept your mistake he will walk you to the principal.”

“Oh! Really? That is good to know. Hey, it is our stop. Come let us get down”

The boys got down the bus and only then I realized how I was carried away with their conversation. I could see my childhood in them. The last day of the exam was always awaited. During the last few days of exam, I used to spend more time planning for vacation activities rather than reading. Even during my bachelor degree days, I used to plan to sleep for hours after the last paper but often enjoyed staying back late night partying with friends. Moreover exams seemed to be a big burden on me. Planning for some crazy task for the vacation made me feel big. As I look back now, I feel it is so silly. May be after 10 years or so, when I look back to my current state worrying about weekday, things to do list and just waiting for weekend to stretch my legs, I will surely laugh at myself and regret for not being happy during the days of joy and excitement. The very thought of it filled in energy. I got down the bus, with full spirit and walked towards my office with a smile.