Sunday, January 30, 2011

Journey 2010

I still remember the day when I left
All my dear ones half across the earth
And stepped into a snow filled land
Wondering if it was really worth

It was cold and everything froze
Whiteland all thru was what I could see
I was alone and no one around
I was trapped though I was free

One day by my window side
Winter slowly slid into spring
I realized I was not alone
When my phone did buzz me a ring

I met one, two, three, four
It seemed like the spring leaf count
I roamed, I danced and I learnt
The way our destined life can fount

Then one day the leaves began to fall
With colors all around it was worth to watch
But I was sad, dull and scared
To face again the winter botch

But the winter now is sweet to me
With lights around it is pretty warm
With friends around who fill the charm
It promised me not to harm

But now again the time has come
To leave the dear ones on this side of earth
And as I look back the traversed path
I realized...Oh dear... It was worth!!