Monday, August 8, 2011

PRESENT - a gift

"How long do you just want to look back and smile?" he murmured as he opened my blog. "I want to read your fresh stories and whenever I open, you just make me look back and smile" and smiled at me.
Yes, it has been too long I published any article in my blog after publishing "Look back and smile". I get inspired by real life stories and incidents which are the essence of the stories in my blog. When I started writing the blog I had no clue someone would be so impressed with my writing which I believe is of "Chandamama" style that he would go to any limits to marry me. It means a lot to me, probably more than winning a best seller I believe.
He too has started writing the blogs and I am really dumbfounded by his writing style. While mine is a no bases just relax feel article his are thought-provoking, while I use laymen language he writes like an intellectual. Yet he admires my writing. "Dude, you got to be kidding" I tell him sometimes. While I write just to kill time and keep myself engaged, he can bring out some real good stuff out of his writing.
Can I get a real good story today? I thought as I climbed my office shuttle. "You find stories everywhere. Every person, every building, every stone has a story to tell you." I remembered some elderly person saying this on one TV show. "Let me see what story I find today", I thought and started looking out of the window with an outlook to search a good story among the abundant stories lying still out there.
The city was looking beautiful than ever when the first sun ray hit the tower. The slow moving traffic gave me enough time to surf through the building, vehicles and the pedestrians. There were people in jog suits jogging in the parks, kids practicing skating in the grounds, Ambulance running by to save a life, and trees enjoying the sunbath. "All these have a story" I thought, "but they are not telling me what it is." I sighed. Few minutes passed and the shuttle was on the expressway passing the mountains and meadows. I watched them all keenly but found no story.
My office bulletin board is usually the place where I find stories emerging out of chaos. But from past few days all the discussions were around the subject "GOD… is there??" The bulletin board had flood with the viewpoints of thousands of followers but none were ready to accept other person’s view. The person who had raised the subject was pleading everyone to stop the discussion but the fire was on. The chaos did not give me a story either. I wanted to shout "STORY… is there??"
I decided to have my breakfast and walked over to the food court. All the way through I was looking for only one thing – A story. I found the fresh green grass, colorful flowers, beautiful architectures, enthusiastic workers but no story. "Where on earth are the stories hiding?" I went to have a cup of coffee, after all a lot can happen over coffee. I came back to my desk, took the first sip and only then I realized how beautiful the present was. I saw those things today which I had never noticed these days on my way to office. The routine life had blindfolded my sight out of the beautiful world out there. Today, I felt the sun’s first ray, fresh air, beauty of the nature and of course wonderful coffee.
"Dear, no need to look back and smile" I wanted to tell him "because the present is beautiful, it is a gift".

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  1. Every story sparkles with its liveliness.

    Not every person can pen down there expressions as beautiful has you carve. It’s the way you present the Chandamma story or Harry Potter story.

    After reading this blog I was amazed that there are many things happening around us which we always overlooked. There is nothing to tell a story, just bring out the feeling. How you see the world is how we experience. If we feel good, it looks good. So enjoy whatever is on hand and this second know has a present is always a great gift.


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