Monday, September 5, 2011

One small question

The moments we catch are the memories made
Want to hold them tight and not let them fade
As I grab, collect and set up the task
One small question I want to ask… Is this true love?

Life is so perfect when I thought it could not be
It is hard to find and harder to see
Your deed leaves me with just one thing
A question of your true being…. Is this true love?

You lend your shoulder when I want to lean
And in your arms I feel so serene
You give your best to fulfill my dream
To me you are the best of the cream … but dear… Is this true love?

It is not lack of trust but just hard to believe
To find a partner like you when everyone change
I am stunned and I am dazed
I am happy for I am blessed… dear… I’m in true love!!!

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